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France Techno Forte Records
SoulWeaver - Parra Attack EP - Touchin' Bass 19 Ltd 

Once again Touchin' Bass innovates by changing its format. Having tried the CD on "Nobody's Perfect" retrospective, then the double pack on the highly acclaimed "Subsidence" compilation, Andrea Parker's label offers today a limited 10'' signed by another young talent. Early influenced by the graffiti scene, London based Lee Hoare starts out with its first two cuts production that oscillates between old school electro and futuristic tonalities. "Parra Attack" on A-side delivers a dancefloor piece with a high blackness made on a rhythm that reminds the one used by Dynamix II on their famous "World Wide Funk" remix and some subtle organic elements a la Octagon Man. Sinister and depressive at the same! "Phantom Movements" on the flip shows a more hypnotic side with a strong minimal construction enhanced by eerie sonorities in a Volsoc style. Something to delight lovers of dark and synthetic electro!
Nexus 6, 07/02/2006 10'' electro

Parra Attack EP