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Mossa - Black Bananas - Circus Company 10 

At last a Paris based electronic structure able to blow some fresh air and avant-gardism into a French clubby scene yet too much sclerosed by House music. Following the German minimal stream, Circus Company knows since 2003 a real success thanks not only to the choice of its artists (Ark, Nôze, Aysam...) but also to the daring, open-minded and modernity that characterizes its artistic line. For its tenth vinyl release, the label has asked Montreal based artist Mossa to introduce his forthcoming album "Some Eat It Raw" to be published at the beginning of 2006. Direct follow up to his "You're Losing My Mind EP" done in 2004, "Black Bananas" offers today three superb minimal tech-house cuts enhanced by bleepy sounds and weird lyrics. To complete the 12'', US producers John Tejada & Justin Maxwell sign an amazing funky 4/4 remix that sounds like their previous works on Palette. Sometime funny, often groovy, always eclectic. A brilliant EP!
Nexus 6, 01/02/2006 12'' techno

Black Bananas