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France Techno
Infiniti & J-Break - Science Fiction - Troubadour Records 05 

Deeply influenced by Scott Weiser's electrocore musical style (Joey Boy, Hallucination, Rephlex, Jive Electro), his partner on the Cyberian Knights project, Jason Metsala signs the fifth release of the young Breakbeat structure Troubadour, located in Florida. Like his previous works on Millenium Breaks, AfterDark Records and Warped Records labels, US artist delivers here on A-side a Breaks fury based upon stunning bass, fearsome melodic synthlines and almost all a heading vocoder that gives to the cut its dancefloor efficiency. On the flip, Infiniti alias prolific Scott Christina on Funk Wax, Alternation Recordings or Low Phat, turns the original into a hallucinating remix made of industrial distortions and frantic Electro beat tonalities. Banging and intense!
Nexus 6, 31/01/2006 12'' breaks

Science Fiction