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Electro CLUST Sub Static
Jesse Somfay - We breathe the stars through each other - Traum V65 

Jesse Somfay could be Nathan Fake's brother. Indeed, he is young, talented and he provides us minimal and melancholic masterpieces which are original and so delicious. Have a quick look at his website, you will see that this young Canadian producer has already a huge discography with lots of underestimate jewels... His last EP reinforces our good hopes with two amazing and fabulous tracks: addictives melodies and noisy experimentations are married during a weird journey which evolves to a surprising chaos. This is both beautiful and freaky. You could also check Somfay's remix of "Man in box" on MBF or download his own mixes on his website. We will keep an eye on this young prodigy.
www.traumschallplatten.de     www.abiotic.net/js/
David, 07/12/2005 12'' house

We breathe the stars through each other