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 Ural 13 Records
V/A - Isar Gold Compiled By Benjamin Fröhlich - Compost 201 CD 

Good surprises never come alone! To accompany the launch of "Freshly Composted", Michael Reinboth's label announces the simultaneous release of "Isar Gold, Nuggets From Munich's Vital Artist, Label And Club Scene". Selected by Benjamin Fröhlich, this sublime compilation pays tribute to Munich's well known sound from where famous structures like International Deejay Gigolos, Erkrankung Durch Musique, Disko B, without forgetting Compost, have emerged over the years. Besides a didactic packaging introducing under a poster form artists featured on the opus as well as the Bavarian capital's main clubs, bars or record shops, the CD celebrates in fifteen emotive cuts the quality of the city productions and delivers a more than promising assess as for the musical creativity of one of the most dynamic international scenes. From Dub to House, passing through Hip Hop, Jazz or Electro, eclectic "Isar Gold" alternates with brio unreleased, classics and forgotten tracks, gathering altogether Poets Of Rhythm, Ben Mono, Hiltmeyer Inc., Queen Of Japan, Leroy Hanghofer, Muallem, Magnifique, Cio D'Or, Discopatrol, General Electrics, Jichael Mackson, Julius Kammerl, Cloinc and Lali Puna works. To notice DJ Hell's exceptional collaboration on the impressive remix of Silicon Soul's "Who Needs Sleep Tonight". A fascinating and essential electronic guide that will be soon available also as a limited sampler vinyl ("Isar Gold - 4 Track EP - Compost 203").
Nexus 6, 14/12/2005 CD

Isar Gold Compiled By Benjamin Fröhlich