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Electro CLUST Ural 13 Records
Magnetize - Anti-Chord EP - Templedog 06 

Slowly but surely, Dave Campbell's underground UK label is building a strong reputation thanks not only to the rarity of its productions but also for the meticulous care taken to the selection of its artists. Perfectly unknown until now despite of two CD albums published on experimental structure Rimbaud among others, Magnetize (Neuromantek, Deaf2'03) does today with its "Anti-Chord EP" a remarkable entry on the international electro scene. And for good reason! Combining to a stirring rhythm some subtle distorted tonalities, "Hardcopy" in A side overture captivates as much by the elegancy of its synthetic strings as by the darkness of its atmosphere. Then comes "The Moral Fashion" . This fearsome piece goes on in a funky register, dealing a powerful and robotic bass line. Two other cuts marrying aesthetics to dancefloor intention complete the flip side: first of all the minimal "Regolith", made of abstract sonorities, then the futuristic "Pressure To Conform", focused on strong analogical melodies. Succeeding to Delinquent Dialect, Scape One and Rob Euroh, Irish producer offers to Templedog one of its highest releases and joins directly the top of the "most promising talents of the year". Vital!!
Nexus 6, 12/12/2005 12'' electro

Anti-Chord EP