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France Techno
Agnès - Trust matters - Unfoundsound Records 12 

Agnès, owner of the label from Geneva, Sthlm Audio, give us for this month of October a free downloadable EP on the website of the netlabel from Philadelphia, Unfoundsound. We can found here 4 tracks of minimal house that we could describe as dark, funky and atmospheric, but always of high quality. Let's go with "Vsel on the sea bed", a dark and crawling cut based on filtered and vaporous layers powered by a dry and groovy rhythm part, in the spirit of the pure minimalist tradition, the best pièce on this EP for me. The next track is "calle Ballistic missile armed", the more dancefloor one on that record. Just imagine a wide variety of synthetic sounds and a simple but efficient bassline well sequenced on a speed and irregular but really funky rhythm part, nice shoot! The next one is "God less America", a very deep heavenly synthetic stuff. The rhythm part is a brilliant combination between typical drum machines sounds and a setup of pitched vocals drowned in a big and deep reverb. It gives to the track an atmospheric touch and a kind of throbbing ambiance, very well. Let's finish now with "Stones are easy to throw", a cut which could be perceived as a mix of the three previous tracks of the EP, sub basslines, crunchy percussions sounds and always the ethereal touch of the Swiss producer. So, four excellent tracks of very well produced microhouse, downloadable on the Unfoundsound website.
Nhar, 09/12/2005 house

Trust matters