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 Sub Static
Nico Purman Ciudad de Nubes - Modelisme Records 11 

A new artist for the supernice label from Marseille with Nico Purman. Coming from Argentina, Nico has produced by the past for labels like Karmarouge or Synergy Network. Now, he presents us his third release on vinyl with two long tracks of high quality minimal techno. Let's go for the A side with the eponym track, "Ciudad de Nubes", a cut based on a funky and energic groove in a dub / tech-house way, we can easily compare it to the works of The Modernist. Nico smartly brings his own melodic touch by the addition of a lot of melancholic arpeggios, bathed in both delays and deep reverbs, really nice. The big interest of that EP is for me on the B side with "Boske encantado", another long track, in a more mental way than the A side. This track will surely seduce those who habitually like to listen to progressive, groovy but melodic and ecstatic atmospheres. A simple but punchy rhythm, unleashed to an efficient sub bassline, accorded with really beautiful organic sonorities. So, we've got here an excellent track of deep-techno, which will without any doubt fit perfectly to the dancefloor of a nice afterhour! The sound of this EP is really really good and powerful, we can just give our congratulations to Nico for his production skills! We ask for more... Check it!!
Nhar, 05/12/2005 12'' techno

Ciudad de Nubes