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 Resonant Recordings
V/A - Freshly Composted - Compost 200 CD 

Launched in Munich in 1994, Michael Reinboth's forward thinking label celebrates its 200 production with a highly recommended anniversary CD form! A good opportunity for us to discover some of the latest signatures of this permanently watching structure at the crossroads of the current electronic styles. Combining hot lyrics and synthetic sonorities, the fourteen tracks declined here in their remixes versions (signed Sirius Mo, Laurent Garnier, Maurice Fulton, Henrik Schwarz or even Justus Köhncke) offer by far one of the most interesting retrospective of this year, relaxing, dancefloor, groovy, fresh, funky, innovative, funny and old school at the same time. Hard to sum up in few superlatives its main essence or to limit this quality opus in a musical yoke, whatever "Freshly Composted" delivers a fantastic demonstration of force in a matter of eclecticism and taste thanks to Ben Mono, General Electrics, Alex Attias, Beanfield, Muallem, Product.01, Trüby Trio, Eddy Meets, Intuit, Alif Tree, Wei-Chi, Jean-Paul Bondy and Felix Laband conjugated efforts. Covering a large variety of genres ranging from Electro to House passing through Drum & Bass, Nu Jazz, Ambient, Hip Hop or 2 Steps, this compilation owns truly something to be reconciled with your neighbours recently irritated by your nocturnal disturbances. A passport for a calm and wonderful trip!
Nexus 6, 25/11/2005 CD experimental

Freshly Composted