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France Techno Forte Records
RD - advDanced EP - Touchin' Bass 17 

Breaking the musical boundaries, a motto that Andrea Parker applies literally to Touchin' Bass! Here's the proof with this innovative and schizophrenic seventeen release from the like of RD. Discovered on the "Subsidence" compilation published in June, this obscure talent from the West Coast of USA, half way between Dr Evil and Cultek, delivers here a strictly hallucinating first shot that should receive a rain of deserved greetings. The A side, represented by unhealthy "Cherpa" and "Nektra" introduces a striking experimental electro made of clinical sonorities and insane effects. The B side is as much captivating thanks to weird "Numem" and "Likwood". Centred on organic tonalities, both compositions leave an uncomfortable feeling by multiplying abstract melodies and minimal perversions. Dark, truly hostile, this 12'' is a must have!!!
Nexus 6, 24/11/2005 12'' electro

advDanced EP