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Christian Morgenstern - Hawai Blue EP - Forte 08 

After the Ural 13 Diktators album, the German label Forte is back with this EP coming from Christian Morgenstern next LP. The main track is both powerful and minimal with a Technasia' style string and an arpeggio remembering an old hit by Kim Wilde ! This track is also remixed by Heiko Laux and it is a dancefloor dedicated track like the original. There is a melodic and nostalgic track which style is difficult to define but which remembers us that the artist from Cologne is a true and brilliant musician. And at last, as often on his records, a great SID tune is ending a track. So, watch for the forthcoming album (and listen to it on the dedicated website) !
(original publishing date: 07/01/2001)
Ludo, 23/06/2003 12'' techno

To listen :
  - Christian Morgenstern :   Hawai Blue  realaudio 
  - Christian Morgenstern :   X-Mas in Freibug  realaudio 
  - Heiko Laux :   Hawai Blue mix  realaudio 
  - Christian Morgenstern :   In space noone can hear you scream  realaudio 

  - listen to all samples

Hawai Blue EP