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Christian Morgenstern - The Lydia EP - Forte 04 

With this "audito", we present you one of our favorite producers : Christian Morgenstern, a young german artist living in Cologne. Foundator of Forte Records, this talented composer has already made a lot of records in various styles, from "dancefloor" techno to electro and more experimental tunes. With a real pleasure, we offer you to listen to some extracts of his new album which will be out on the 11th of october, 1999. We thank him to let us broadcast "The Lydia EP" !
(original publishing date: 04/10/1999)
Ludo, 23/06/2003 CD techno

To listen :
  - Christian Morgenstern :   Little green apples  realaudio 
  - Christian Morgenstern :   Lydia to the edge of panic  realaudio 
  - Christian Morgenstern :   OK, we're wrong  realaudio 
  - Christian Morgenstern :   Girls got rhythm  realaudio 
  - Christian Morgenstern :   Return to the living deaf  realaudio 
  - Christian Morgenstern :   Tonight you're mine, baby  realaudio 

  - listen to all samples

Lydia EP