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Andreas Bolz Interview - World Electric 

With only thirteen releases and a couple of compilations, German label World Electric has managed to become one of the most inescapable and innovative references on the worldwide new school electro scene. Based in Lohmar, irreproachable manager Andreas Bolz, that released brilliant productions on Feis, Ersatz Audio or Electrecord, explains reasons of WE's underground success...

- Atome : What is the artistically line of World Electric, your very own and acclaimed label you created in 1998 ? Why did you create it and how is it today ?
- Bolz Bolz : Some time before I started World Electric I produced a couple of Bolz Bolz tracks which were released in 1997 on Detroit's label "Ersatz Audio". Maybe this was the foundation of my own artistically line and from this moment it was clear for me to create a label as a part of my mission, to bring some more colors into Electro music and to build up a label in a kind of new school electro style. In this time I produced in a way of "I don't care about what sells well, I just want to have fun in making music with analogue equipment.

- A. : Back in the days, would you say that creating an electro label in 1998 was harder than today ?
- B. B. : To create an electro label which makes heavy demands on releasing new styles of Electro wasn't and isn't an easy thing. The music of World Electric has never been a mainstream thing and I never focused my activities on developing a big selling label. I hope more artists and people who are planning to found a new label are in good spirits to take part of the electro community.

- A. : You have released records from unknown but very brilliant Chromatix, Komatr'ohn and Kitbuilders. How do you explain your ease to discover new talents ? Is World Electric an electronic platform to launch artists that are not really known ?
- B. B. : World Electric is known for putting out some unique artists and pushing styles in a nontraditional approach to electro. The way in which new electro projects become World Electric members is founded in the artistically line of itself. I think and hope I developed and created a label style which gives many known and unknown electro artist the certainty and feeling to be a part of this new style of electro. I select the artists not by looking for their popularity, only by their style of music and if it fits into the WE label style.

- A. : Recent "Take a walk" LP was highly acclaimed over the world. What was the main idea behind this album ? Have you been surprised by this success ?
- B. B. : The "Take a walk" Album was the result of a longer period of producing. This CD is more a label compilation and a retrospective of my personally work as Bolz Bolz. Indeed, it was a successful World Electric release.

- A. : According to your very impressive discography (about more than 50th releases), you seem to have different personalities and musical projects. Over the last few years, you did records under various names as Andreas Bolz, Third Electric (with Rootpowder) or Funktaxi. How would you describe the music you create under each name ?
- B. B. : When I start producing a new track it's like setting my feet on a new continent where no one has been before and sometimes it's like exploring a new style. Most important for me is to transport my feelings of that moment into my music. Funktaxi is an important part of Bolz Bolz. I love to produce in that pop easy listening downtempo jazziness style especially after a period of producing Bolz Bolz tracks that are harder and straighter and more danceable. Third Electric is collaboration with Rootpowder. Its style can be described as a homage on that old school thing of the early electro scene and its analogue drum machines like 808, DMX and many more.

- A. : What is your musical background (main influences and masters in music) ? When and how did you start music ?
- B. B. : I started making electronic music in 1990 and was inspired by the early experimental German electronic scene of the 70's around Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk, Etcetera... I love the analogue sound of these guys. Also the early new jazz scene of the 70th and 80th around Wolfgang Dauner's Etcetera and Joachim Kühns Association PC had a big influence on me.

- A. : Except Freddie Fresh (Howlin', EMF), there are few people using analogue gear to create music nowadays. How would you explain this love with old synthesizers ?
- B. B. : To create an electro song without using an analogue gear is definitely not the same like using computer systems only. For finding powerful basslines and drumlins I always use my analogue machines. For recordings, mastering and cuttings I use a G3 computer.

- A. : What are your musical projects in 2002 ? Another album ? Techno ? Electro ?
- B. B. : At the moment I am producing a new Bolz Bolz album for Feis recordings that will be released in the middle of 2002. Funktaxi will release new tracks on WE and I hope to realize some collaborations with some unique artists like Scape One, La Monde and Kitbuilders in 2002.
Nexus 6, 17/12/2001

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