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New Order - Brixton Academy - London (UK) - 11/10/2001 

One of the highlights of being an Australian living in the UK is the chance to see bands that we normally only see on the TV. Having grown up with New Order I jumped at the chance to see them in concert after a 6 year hiatus, with the band touring to support there new album Get Ready.
We arrived around early at around 7:30 and struggled through both the sellers and security to find the newly renovated Brixton Academy looking comfortably worn and inviting. After grabbing a couple of T-shirts and a beer we went upstairs to get our seats In the circle. We were too late to get the front row, but we sat three rows back, which gave us a good view of the stage.
The support band was Garlic, a local London band who apparently was the best of many hundreds of applicants to support New Order in London. A six piece band that pushed through their set of six or so songs in the 30 minutes they had been allotted, they reminded me very much of a US band that I can't remember the name of. They were an ok group, but not someone I would go out of my way to see. Most of their songs blended into one another until they said their farewells. Then came a very long 60 minutes while the roadies cleaned up the stage and tested all the equipment and lights again and again.
9:15pm - the fat man in the hat introduces one of the best, bands from the 80's. We were in heaven as they played through a good selection of their early pieces, including Love will tear us apart (from their first band Joy Division) through to the singles off their latest album. One of the most distinctive things about New Orders music is the bass. Peter Hook plays the Bass as if it is a lead guitar, and so he was tonight with the crowd were going wild as the he strutted around the stage showing off just how good a musician he is. He would move up to the front of the stage and with the bass almost touching the ground take the lead in many of the songs. They wrapped up the night with their most famous song Blue Monday which would have to be the classic 80's electro anthem, all keyboards, drum machines and that bass.
New Order played for the crowd that turned up, mainly an older audience, people like myself who have followed the band for 20 years, so seeing them perform many of the older songs was great. All in all a brilliant night out that makes me realize how good this band really is.
Peter, 15/10/2001

New Order