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France Techno Ri'li:s
September 14th & 15th - Paris : Magic Garden Futuria United 

The line-up of this event that will take place in France on next September 15th in addition to the Techno Parade / Electrocadéro is out... Firstly, there will be a house party on friday 14th at "Le Cabaret Sauvage" club with Roger Sanchez, Lake Soul, Jef K et DJ Barkhoudar... The next day, at the same place, will play Alex Gopher, Llorca, Dan Ghenacia, Jerome Pacman, Cyril K, D'Julz and at last but not least two live-act's by Markus Nicolaï and Swayzak : don't miss them !! Techno sound addicts will go to "Le Zénith" to see and listen to the following DJ's : Luke Slater, Marco Bailey, Technasia, Jack de Marseille, Oxia, The Hacker, Tonio, Kiko, Agoria and Tom Parris... This is not all because once again, two live-act's should rock the dancefloor : The Youngsters and the crazy Finnish Ural 13 Diktators !!! Can't wait for this !!
Check our party pages for more info.
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Ludo, 10/08/2001