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Electro CLUST Ural 13 Records
Sinfestival 2001 in New York : electro & intelligent dance music 

Safety in Numbers is a record shop based in New York (both online and physical store). Their catalogue is quite good (including a lot of electro, ambient, electronica labels), just have a look at their website... In addition to this, Safety in Numbers is organising the second edition of Sinfestival, a three-day music event, taking place in New York City on next August 23th to 25th. The line-up is really fine and impressive : live-act's and DJ sets by Dmx Krew from Rephlex, Resident Alien and Exzakt from Frajile Records, Mooner and Hong Kong Counterfeit from Erkrankung Durch Musique, Inform3r from International DJ Gigolo, It & My Computer and Le Syndicat Electronique from French label Invasion Planete, Mr. Velcro Fastener from Statra and many more... Check the official website for full line-ups !
Ludo, 10/08/2001

sinfestival 2001