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Art of Perception : wargame vs electronic music. 

Combining electronic music and Heroic Fantasy art, here's the original concept (for lack of obviousness) of young German label Art of Perception. Masters of Ceremonies Jay Denham, Christian Morgenstern, Johannes Heil, Silicon Scally and many more artists have been asked in binomial to illustrate themes like Orks, Trolls, Eldars or Space Marines taken from world famous game "Warhammer". Strictly limited, each EP will offer two musical and contrasted interpretations of fantastic universe. The final result will see the release of a special collector package to put together all twelve EP's to date and a double CD compilation featuring all titles plus remixes and bonus-tracks. A very interesting idea to be continued... And check the brilliant web site !!
www.art-of-perception.com     www.games-workshop.com
Nexus 6, 11/06/2001

Art of Perception