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Vector Lounge #2 : web jam in Annecy ! 

During the 25th International Animated Film Festival (June, from 4th to 9th), Team Chman, MegaloStudio & MIFA will organise the second session of Vector Lounge. After Paris, this event will take place in Annecy and it will gather together some of the best French web designers. "Live" creation, tips and tricks, the young digital artists will have fun for sure ! Their work, dedicated to cartoons, will be shown at the event (free admission) and on the official website. The last day (June, 8th), there will be a party in the evening with video projections and DJ mixes.
Electronic music will be played a lot during this week in Annecy because on June, 7th, there will be an open-air party with DJ's Miloch and Pitch-8. And on June, 9th, French gigolo producer David Carretta will play live at "le Magic". More info in our party pages...
Ludo, 01/06/2001

Vector Lounge session 02