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Enjoy - L'Imail - Annecy (FR) - 12/05/2001 

Last week we had a very good techno night in our town, thanks to Extreme Production crew. The party took place in a nice club where there used to be the first techno parties in 93 in Annecy. So, it was a pleasure for us to come back to this place (souvenirs, souvenirs...). We had the chance to welcome here three of the best English producers of the moment : Ben Sims, Oliver Ho & Steve Bicknell. Paton from our record shop / label Interzone supported them. No one disappointed us. With more than 500 people, the club was half-full. The atmosphere was good... The only trouble was with the sound-system... Too bad ! But finally, it was a good success... So, we're looking forward to going to another Extreme Prod party !! ;-)
Ingrid, 25/05/2001


Ben Sims

Steve Bicknell

Oliver Ho