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No parades in 2001 ? 

2001 is not a good year for the Technoparades. The ecologist movement in Germany prevents the Love Parade from standing on the 14th of July... And it seems that it's going to be very difficult for the French parade too, that should stand in September in Paris. The French firm (WM) that used to organize the Technoparade in collaboration with the association Technopol wants to turn the Technoparade into a new event : the Pariparade. They want to do it on a Sunday afternoon and open it to several musical styles such as : salsa, reggae, raï, jazz, rock, disco, dance, soul, rap, hip-hop etc... they have already chosen a date for this new event : the 16th of September... So we don't know yet how Technopol, now alone, will react to this... Is it the end of the Technoparade in Paris ?
To be continued.... !
Ingrid, 18/04/2001

Love Parade