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Hexagona 2001 - Grenoble (FR) - 31/03/2001 

This seventh edition took place in an area made of 5 rooms, each one having its own sound. So, techno, trance, house, drum'n'bass and hardcore dj's and live-act's played all night long at the same party like some years ago where the first raves were organised in France (actually, we mostly have parties with one or two music style...). There were about 3000 people and sometimes it was difficult to go from a dancefloor to another one : there was not a lot of free space ! Anyway, despite the poor decoration (except in house and techno rooms), the high prices at the bar and some sound troubles in the hardcore room, this event was successful. Talented artists played good music. It was impossible to see everyone but we can remember the dj sets by Alex K, Luke Slater, Astero H, Le Lutin and the great live-act's by Demon, Jaïa and Dima...
With an additional dancefloor dedicated to minimal techno / house, this party would have been perfect ! Hope Futuria Prod. will think about it for its next party !!
Ludo, 05/04/2001

Hexagona 2001

Luke Slater


Alex K