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Frankfurt Tek Party - Loft - Lausanne (CH) - 17/03/2001 

Another party at Loft and this time, the best club based in Lausanne welcomed Heiko Laux, boss of the famous German label Kanzleramt. After a great warm-up by resident N-Twan, the man with large glasses took the desks during a two hours set. We expected a lot of German sounds but surprising, a part of the mix was made of groovy and percussive tech' house, like Samuel L Session, Umek or Oxia. But fortunately for his fans, there was also some electro and techno sound made in Germany : the last releases of the label (KA 50, 51, Sense Fiction remixes...) and especially most of the last beautiful tracks by Heiko Laux. It's a shame there were not so much hits like Richard Bartz, Christian Morgenstern or Johannes Heil's ones...
But it doesn't matter because after all, it was a pleasure to see one of the biggest techno name of the scene for the last years...
Ludo, 19/03/2001

Frankfurt Tek Party

Heiko Laux

Heiko Laux