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Cologne Techno Night - Loft - Lausanne (CH) - 03/03/2001 

What a good night once again in this club ! A good sound, a lot of people in a good atmosphere, and very good music. It has been one year that we didn't see Christian Morgenstern & Maral Salmassi in this nice place... We weren't disappointed at all !!
Maral is still very charming, she still has a very good style (German techno hits !) and a good technique. Christian is still very shy, audacious and concentrated behind his machines. He played a good electro-techno set, with his own specific sounds : it sounds very original ! He played some of his last tracks from his excellent "Hawaii Blue" album (do not hesitate to listen to the samples in the reviews section) : his fans were very happy !! Thank you Mister Morgenstern !!
There was another very good performance during this night : Paton from Interzone / Annecy / France played very good sounds, between minimal house, electro and techno... A very good dj set for this club : specialised but always efficient !! Many thanks for our feet and hears !!
The only thing to say is that we hope that we could have one day such a club in France... We'll never loose hope !!!
Keep' Groovin' !!
(original publishing date: 08/03/2001)
Ingrid, 23/06/2003

Cologne Techno Night

Christian Morgenstern

Maral Salmassi


Christian Morgenstern