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Public Domain 01 - Annecy (FR) - 10/02/2001 

We were very lucky last week because famous and respected German producer Johannes Heil was playing live near our town Annecy, for the first time in the French Alps !
At 23h15, the large party hall is empty. No surprise because it is very early. Dr Phunkenstein is behind the two desks and he's playing a beautiful deep and minimal techno set. People are filling the place when Pitch-8 is starting his set. The tempo is going a little faster and the music style is still German techno (we suspected as much !!)... This is perfect, like Nikos' set who is playing in the same way without increasing the tempo too much (pretty cool !)...
So that's time for the so awaited live'act. Johannes Heil starts his performance very smoothly. The sound is excellent, the tracks he plays are alternately known (coming from his last LP on Kanzleramt) and also unpublished. I only reproach him that his known tracks are played almost identical to the record versions and that the live set is a little bit too monotonous sometimes. Respect anyway, Johannes Heil is a so talented producer !!
One hour later, The Futurist (aka Money Penny Project) starts his performance with two samplers and a DJ friend, Yannick, mixing on the two desks. Yannick DJ set is great, harder than the previous ones but the sample loops added by The Futurist are not very useful. So, Astero-H ends up the party with a great drum'n'bass set... rather unsual but so good !
During the party, there was a cheap bar, a hairstyle stand, network videogames and visual effects.
So, many thanx and congratulations to the Air vs DJ and Partykule teams to organize this great party and to play so good music !!
Ludo, 19/02/2001

Public Domain 01

Johannes Heil

Dr Phunkenstein


Yannick & The Futurist