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Rilis Night - Annecy (FR) - 27/01/2001 : viva italia !! 

It has been a long time that we didn't have a little underground techno party in Annecy... Maybe because of the cold of the winter... !!!
So we were really happy to come to this Rilis Night to see Rino Cerrone, the talented producer of this label (who has also produced on Design, Conform, Primate, Phont, Speaker Attack, Relentless labels... !).
Everything was ok at this party : a pretty flyer, a nice place (what a beautiful view of the town from there !), a good capacity (not too big and not too small), a good sound (very loud !!), a " nice prices " bar, a large parking with a strict but cool security...
We arrived at 0:30. Sebastopol (the promoter) finished the warm-up...
We enjoyed Miloch's set (Miloch is the owner of Tekmics and Eargasm labels). He played a good Techno, with original and efficient sounds (David Carretta remix on Pokerflat, last Morgenstern Ep, last Dave Clarke on Icrunch...). He put a very good atmosphere on the dancefloor... It's always a pleasure to see him... Respect.
Then, we were really impressed by the great italian producer Rino Cerrone's set !! It was so groovy, so efficient... just like his tracks... And he is very good with the 3 desks... We recommend you to go and see him if you have this opportunity : he won't disappoint you !! Pay attention to him : after Marco Carola and Gaetano Parisio, he is the new star from Italy !! ;-)
To end this night, D'jamency from Orbital Space played a harder sound, for the last ravers...
So, this party was successful, the atmosphere was really warm, friendly, with many happy people on the dancefloor... and it allowed us to discover a very kind and talented dj... We hope to see him again in France !!
The next party in Annecy will be the 10th of February, with another brilliant techno producer : Johannes Heil, from Germany this time !!
So, the last words for this report : Viva Techno Musica and Viva Europa !!!
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Ingrid, 04/02/2001

Rilis Night

Rino Cerrone