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Major techno labels joining ELP 

We were closely monitoring what was going on after the bankruptcy of Prime distribution and it seems that famous Electronic label pool did a pretty good job signing exclusive contracts with the well known techno artists and labels. Fresh news are that ELP now has a new office in the UK. This office is being managed by Jeremy Ford who was a former head of product & label management at Prime distribution. This office will be used for domestic UK sales only. All export sales will still be carried out from Germany. Jeremy will also manage the new artists and labels that have joined the ELP roster over the last 4 months. Following the Prime distribution bankruptcy, many major techno labels decided to join ELP. The roster now includes Corb, DK, Drumcode, Genetic Recordings, H Productions, Illgorhythm, Ingoma, Inside, Jericho, Meta, Platform, Recycled Loops, Rotation, Tronic, Truesoul... As they say themselves, ELP takes a "quality not quantity" approach, so they won't be looking significantly to add more labels to the roster at any point. All this should mean that the majority of quality techno releases can now be found at only one place and at lower costs, which isn't bad at all. I have a hunch their 'Direct shop' page is going to be very busy these days...
Lesha, 03/03/2004

Corrado Izzo & Jeremy Ford