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Miss Kittin interview - Mental Groove / International DJ Gigolo - FR 

Caroline Herve aka Miss Kittin needs no introduction... She's responsible for some vocals everyone loves. Apart from her partner in crime The Hacker, she had collaborations with many famous producers like Sven Vaeth, Felix Da Housecat, Steve Bug, Justin Berkovi, Antoneli Electric, Golden Boy and many more. A definite diva that not only knows how to rock a place with her DJ skills, but she also gives a true meaning to the word trendy. Let's take a closer look at Miss Kittin's world!

- Atome: First of all welcome back. How was your Australian Tour after all?
- Miss Kittin: It was very instructive. 1st, we were amazed to discover such a fan-club so far away, just because of these songs we did in The Hacker's bedroom... Too much planes, hotels and venues in such a short while though. Some locations brought us back 10 years ago, when we used to experience all the sound problems you can imagine, mostly because these places are simply not made for any kind of live act, which was a shame because we couldn't give our best. But we had a great time, met great people, and I will surely come back.

- A.: When did you first come across electronic music and what was your music background before that?
- M.K.: I freaked out in rave parties in 91-92, then I started mixing in 93-94. My background was nothing serious before. I always say I clearly got into Music with a big M with rave parties, because that's where I lived the music completely. At that time, I was listening to KLF, and the 1st Warp releases like Aphex Twin, LFO, Black Dog, Autechre etc..., stuff I still listen to today.

- A.: I've read somewhere that while you were recording Frank Sinatra, you really thought that he was dead. How come and you've chosen this particular name for this track?
- M.K.: Just because it rhymed with the word "area". "Madonna" for example didn't work as it has only 3 syllables.

- A.: We've seen your name along many famous producers in the past. Are there any plans for a solo album?
- M.K. : It's finished.

- A.: How come you haven't set up your own record label yet?
- M.K.: Because I was busy doing other things, and there's enough great labels around I could fit in. If I do one myself, it would just be to have more control on my work.

- A.: In your latest mixed CD Radio Caroline vol.1 on Mental Groove, there are many statements from you such as: "how can you be a DJ if you don't shake your ass in the middle of the crowd" and "I will never stop dancing; I need to freak out; to come back from where I am; cause I am from the other side". Do all these reflect Miss Kittin's life? (and what is it like on the other side?)
- M.K.: It's about my professional life and the things around we never talk about, such as why most of DJs never dance, the hotel room life, and so on. And yes, this mix is my bedroom DJ side, as truly said a magazine one time. The other side is the dance-floor, the side why I eat every day when people come to listen to me. But maybe I wouldn't be part of it today if I wouldn't have pass behind the turntables... I needed to be more active in the movement.

- A.: You have studied art and graphic design before starting to DJ professionally. What would have happened to Miss Kittin if she "had to" follow normality?
- M.K.: I would have probably been a graphic designer, and a bad one... I was not very good I think. That's what my teachers told me. They never encouraged me, some of them hated me for being a DJ amateur, so I suppose I have to thank them for that!

- A.: What is it like, being in Miss Kittin's world?
- M.K.: Ask my partners. At the moment, it's like going to bed at 11, waking up at 8, no party, so I am always looking forward when I have to play, I can concentrate and make a good set. Miss Kittin's world is a discipline.......... Boring hu?

- A.: What is Miss Kittin most famous for (apart from her music)?
- M.K.: Stop talking about Miss Kittin as if it was a character! It's just me (you see, people like to believe I created a character...). I think my drawings and friends will say "talking all the time"...

- A.: How would you describe your partner in crime The Hacker?
- M.K.: Funny, lazy, great hair style, hates carrots and coriander.

- A.: Apart from Sonar 2000, that changed your way of performing, can you tell us any anecdotes about your gigs that you will never forget?
- M.K.: At Love Parade this year, I performed live with T.Raumschmiere, and well, I don't remember a single thing from that night. I just seen pictures of me laying on the table, screaming. I was told I was singing wrong lyrics, and not on the right track, but still I managed to play my 2h DJ set afterwards, even if people said I played some records 4 times... Let's call it the 1st and last vodka-black-out...

- A.: Where was the best place you've been as a DJ up until now, and which club do you think deserves the title No1 in the world?
- M.K.: I would say Ostgut in Berlin but it's closed now. So now I love to play at Loft in Barcelona, Rex club in Paris, Weetamix in Geneva, Rosthofflager in Zurich, Klick in Hamburg, and of course, Studio 672 in Cologne for the Kompakt record label party. This must be the club number 1 I think...

- A.: What do you expect from the crowd in a party?
- M.K.: To have open ears. I hate when people shout at a DJ because he doesn't play things they don't expect!

- A.: What would you do if you won a million Euros?
- M.K.: I wouldn't tell anybody about it! But I'll make a big surprise to all my friends...

- A.: What should we expect from Miss Kittin in the near future?
- M.K.: I don't know myself...
PanK, 18/11/2003

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