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France Techno Electro Alliance
DJs on the web: don't miss these sites! 

To fill your long winter nights, here is a small selection of websites dedicated to all minimal techno / house or electroclash fans. Let's start with Miss Kittin's one: launched last year, it's perfect to discover Caroline's universe, especially thanks to a diary relating each month her life everywhere on the planet. Recently some electronica / ambient / electro / minimal mixes in the line of "Radio Caroline" have been put in the "noises" section. Beautiful tracks selected and mixes with many delicacy. Excellent. Too bad the quality of encoded files is not really good. Let's continue with another talented female DJ: German girl Ellen Allien. Design of her site is in the same way as Miss Kittin's one. Regarding music, the "radio" allow users to listen to some original tracks or remixes by our favourite Berlinette whereas an electro / electronica mix of about twenty minutes has been added to the "mp3 downloads" page. We hope new ones will follow soon. Another German artist, maybe not as famous, deserves a particular attention: Sylvie Marks. Her site is really basic and its artwork is updated every month. A new mix of 75 minutes is also offered as free download each month. Recorded on radio, during parties or especially made for the web, those sets are simply inescapable! Between minimal techno, electro, downtempo and electroclash, Sylvie makes sometimes audacious and surprising combinations with many ease (like with "oktober mix" for example). Let's return to France with her friend Agoria (they recently produced together "spinach Girl" track). This French artist who actually get a lot of success (thanks to his album and various prestigious collaborations & remixes) has also launched a very nice website. Once again there are tracks to be listened online as well as an excellent mix evolving between techno and house, starting minimal and going more pumpin' bit by bit. Now go to North of France, this time into minimal sound direction with Bern. His new coloured and hearty site has a superb design. The "stuff" section brings some of his tracks as mp3 download as well as a quality mix in - of course - a minimal techno / house style. Finally, let's check the website created by the Parisian label Lumina initially founded by Taho: Lumina Radio. Simple and easy to use, it delivers less than 30 ambient, electronica, minimal & deep mixes by Sio B'baas, Taho, Olivier Tison, and at last but not least Deep Eyes who made some great sets! So that's it, just starts your Winamp / Real Player and check these websites regularly in order to not miss any update. Enjoy & have fun!!
Ludo, 12/11/2003