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Legowelt interview - Bunker / Clone / Ghostly International - NL 

Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt is one of the most unique producers of electronic music. With numerous releases on Bunker, Cocoon, Ghostly International, Stilleben, Ural 13, 541, Clone and many more, he succeeded in creating his own style of music that slowly but surely affects everyone. Starting from Hague, he is "conquering" the world with his beats. "Disco Rout" was his first huge success that sent him straight to the top and has been voted as the track of the year 2002 from the German magazine Groove. Let's take a closer look at the Dutch "wonder boy" that will definitely dominate today's electronic music scene.

- Atome: How did the name Legowelt come about and what does it symbolize?
- Legowelt: It was just a name that sounded nice. Somehow later I thought up that the deeper meaning is that just like with blocks you can play & build your own worlds with sounds too…

- A: I know that it is too difficult and sometimes inappropriate to give "labels" to music, but how would you describe your music?
- L: I just say it's 'Electronic Music' influenced by a lot of things…from euro horror soundtracks to dancemania chicago house.

- A: I've read somewhere what you think about "today's" electronic music; that it is too clinical where everything is too digital and flat. What do you mean by that, and do you think that your knowledge about analogue music equipment could solve this problem and give something "innovative" to the electronic dance music of today?
- L: Well if you listen to a lot of dance music today it's just a beat, the production is too clean and the melodies suck…there is no soul or 'personal touch'…you just hear the same standard stuff…it's not the people who make the music anymore but the machines…with preset standard sounds. A lot of crap dance music is also made with old equipment so that's not it, and with today's computers you can emulate the old stuff too perfectly so it's not what you use but how you use it really. You can make something amazing with just a laptop because everything you need is in the software today…it's just that a lot of people don't take the time to get into it…

- A: We already know about your love for analogue equipment. Which is the best piece of kit in your studio and do you think that analogue music instruments are responsible for Legowelt's unique sound?
- L: My best piece of equipment is my mixer, an old D&R desk, it's together with my computer the most important part of the studio as its kind off the 'main control'… Analogue equipment is not purely responsible, the 'sound' comes from the mixture of a lot of things, both new and old…I use digital synths and computers too. But I just love the old vintage synths…in the same sense like people collect antiques or something :)

- A: What urged you into music composition?
- L: A strange and mysterious force.

- A: Is there a track of yours that you are particularly proud of?
- L: Yes, It's gotta to be 'Apollo Park' which I released under my Polarius pseudonym (on Crème records - Polarius 'Journey to a Land'). I don't know what happened and can't remember anymore how I made it…it was probably made in a moment of divine intervention… Every time I hear it back I get shivers. It just totally suits a certain melancholic deep but still happy atmosphere which you can feel when you hear the track.

- A: I believe that you live in Hague. Has this place affected your way of producing music?
- L: Yes, the foundation was there. In The Hague there was a scene that was into the same music as me and Bunker records is from The Hague and that's my 'home' label. As a place itself…The Hague is quite different from other Dutch cities…it's the only big city on the coast and has lots of nice parks. The mixture of sea air and dirty brown misery seems to attract a lot of freaks too.

- A: What gives you the greater "buzz", playing live or DJing?
- L: I am not a DJ, I sometimes DJ records but I am not really into it. Playing live is what I do best and I like it better. But sometimes it's nice to play records at certain occasions…it's nice to play the records you like. But most of the time I DJ records nobody likes so that's always a bit of a freaked out event.

- A: The year 2003 was a huge success for Danny Wolfers. You have releases as Legowelt on Bunker, Superstar, Pocketgame and Molotov; as Polarius on Crème, Bunker, and Down Low; as Gladio on Bunker again; as Catnip on Kentaur Racing; and finally as Legowelt vs Orgue Electronique on Lasergun. That's eleven releases in nine months. What are the advantages of releasing under different projects?
- L: The different projects also stand for a different sound. Polarius is both raw and deep Chicago house style, Gladio is more dark 'roman empire' historical electro etc...

- A: Is there something that happened during a tour that you will remember for ever?
- L: There are always exciting adventures. Last tour in the USA with Orgue Electronique, Kassen, Bangkok Impact and DJ TLR was probably the most adventurous. We got into snow blizzards, hot deserts, tornadoes and creepy forests all in a month.

- A: Tell us something that no one knows about Legowelt that we should definitely have to know?
- L: Nah I rather keep it that way :)

- A: Have you got any obsessions/fetish?
- L: Errr…….yeah well basically vintage synthesizers are my obsession.

- A: At last, what are your plans for the future?
- L: Make music, release records, play live, design some weird synthesizers and a lot more.
PanK, 07/10/2003

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