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Return to New York (Gigolo birthday) - London (UK) - 25/05/2003 

After seven years of success, and apart from the creation of Villa Night Club and the Gigolo publishing house, International Deejay Gigolo and DJ Hell personally, count many awards including best German Label, best international DJ and A & R plus many more... To celebrate their 100th release, DJ Hell and his associates decided to give three huge release parties in Berlin, Paris and London. The one in London, named Return to New York, was held at the only 5star hotel within the centre of the city called The Great Eastern Hotel. An amazing place to party, and an equally extraordinary line up, divided in four rooms plus a lounge to chill out and have a drink. The line up included: DJ Hell, Psychonauts, Thomas Bar, My Robot friend, Atomiser, Fat Truckers, Zongamin, 2 many DJ's, Arthur Baker just to name a few of the 20+ artists. The night started with My Robot Friend giving a great live performance with one of the members dressed up in red bulbs!!! Their astonishing act included a loud hailer to address the crowd and a wireless camcorder that was monitoring and projecting the crowd's reactions. Music-wise, the hard and harsh electro beats, accompanied by an industrial flavour, 'mad' vocals and some acidic sounds, was surprisingly 'too much' for the audience but everyone seemed to enjoy the live act!!! After a few rounds on the other rooms, it was already time to go to the main 100th Gigolo room. DJ Hell was already on the decks and he was making the people go wild!!!! Starting with 'mild' electro tunes, he seemed to give the crowd what they were asking for... Another live though was taking place on a different room at the same time, so we went to see the 'miracle boys' from Manchester. Fat Truckers were on the stage and they were ready to rock the place. Unfortunately their live set lasted only half an hour and apart from the classic 'Superbike', the rest of the live was a presentation of their new album, out soon at Gigolo... Returning to the main room there was a surprise waiting for us... DJ Hell's set was going to somewhat harder, and he was mixing tracks that probably no one could ever dare to mix... one of the weirdest set's I've ever heard in my life. The mix that left the author speechless, was Nirvana's 'Smells like teen spirit' remix by Adam Freeland mixed with the classic 'Emerge' from Fischerspooner. Wow... what a mix!!! From every point of view, the glamorous gigolo night was a huge success. The tickets were almost sold out (just 200 tickets at the reception for the people that didn't book their tickets on time), and the place plus the line up were astonishing. A night that I will never forget, once it is not easy to go to a release party at a 5star hotel... maybe in Hollywood films!!! Once more Gigolo proved why it is considered to be the leading electro label around the globe...
PanK, 16/07/2003

Return to New York

DJ Hell

Gigolo Night


Gigolo Night

Fat Truckers

My Robot Friend

Line up

Gigolo Night

Gigolo Night