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France Techno Ural 13 Records
If you can't get down... Back to the old school! 

Music business always takes advantage of his roots. Sourcing the early 90's, the rave influence is expected to be the new hype. Be prepared for massive synth, strong 4 to the floor and partying ideology. Here is a short overview of those label who play loud! At Kompakt, Mayer, Voigt brothers and Superpitcher boost the Speicher series with German trance background. Acid effects, basic rocking rhythm and hypnotic atmosphere. On the Swiss side, B Rave kicks off influences, those crazy guys release incredible old school hardcore sounding like a 91 rave: rollin' bassline, dark synth dope on pcp... pure energy under pressure !
Must to have:
 . Everything from B rave especially
   Motiv8tor - Panic - B Rave 006
   M25 - Refreaked - B Rave007
 . Ferenc - Yes sir i can hardcore - Kompakt 78
 . Speicher 8
 . Speicher cd 1 - Kompakt extra cd
 . Humanoid Sessions 84 - 88 - Rephlex
Chaton, 07/07/2003

Back to the old school