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Electro CLUST Electro Alliance
Electro Dziska - Miami 2001-2002 

Two years ago, we were leaving the electro scene of Miami boiling. We meet it again twelve months later enriched with European influence and promised to new sound opportunities. Perfect follow up to excellent video "Bass Frequency : Miami Bass 1999-2001", Electro Dziska goes on with its deciphering of electro movement through prism of Miami, cradle of electro bass and rendezvous of worldwide underground culture during many famous events as for instance annual Winter Music Conference. Edited in Capsule Media Studios Miami, this 40 minutes documentary, served with talent by cute Iris B. Cegarra and her accomplice Domingo Olavarria, in a exemplary journalistic approach, introduces in exhaustive way actual musical styles, wherever they come from industrial, idm, experimental, new wave, disco or funk trend. Interviewed at home, in studio, on club or during parties, more than fifteen artists like Anthony Rother (Psi49net), Exzakt (Monotone), Uprock (Monotone), Adult (Ersatz), Carl Finlow (SCSI), The Hacker (Gigolo), Kevin Saunderson (Transmat), Linda Lamb (Gigolo), Volsoc (World Electric), Otto Von Schirach (Schematic), Felix Da Housecat (Emperor Norton) and even Tipper (Fuel) tackle under mini-portrait form their respective background, give evidence of their passion for synthesisers and consider the future of electro. Divided in eight captivating chapters ("Obsessive With Sound", "The Whole 80's Are Back", "New Music", "Future Technologies"...), the film invites without nostalgia to a deep and intelligent reflection about electro stand out since a decade. Add to this a remarkable visual work (high definition, dynamic editing, original shootings), a dazzling graphic production, a tracklisting to turn pale (Dexorcist, Kronos Device, Network Florida, Simulant, Ectomorph, Dopplereffekt, Scape One, Ben Milstein, Rob Euroh, plus one original songtrack written for the film by Uprock and called "Mechanical Dream"... our dream would be to see them appear on a CD compilation along with the DVD) and you will obtain no doubt one of the most pertinent and instructive report ever done about electro culture, from scratches to graffiti's passing through break-dance demonstrations. Projected in many US electro parties ("Pick Your Perversion", "Electro Dziska Première Movie"...) since a month, Electro Dziska is destined to a tour worldwide. If as a distributor or even as a promoter you are interested with playing this project, please contact us or Iris directly at :
Nexus 6, 24/03/2003

Electro Dziska