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Danilo Vigorito interview - Zenit / Frozen / Primate / Conform - IT 

Here we are again in Nis, this time to hear the up and coming star from the famous southern Italian city of Naples: Danilo Vigorito. Last night he threw a great party at Le Cinema club in Kragujevac. Tonight (13.1.2003) he's going to play in front of about 600 people dancing at a big university lobby, who are already having a good time. What is the secret formula of the Naples sound? Danilo is known for his highly energetic groove, something between Carola, Cerrone & the Advent. A killer combination, don't you agree? Find out more in the following lines...

- Atome: What about your gig last night?
- Danilo Vigorito: There weren't a lot of people, i think about two hundred, but it was good. The place is very nice, it's a cinema lobby, it was crazy...

- A.: This is your third time playing in Serbia?
- D.V.: Yes, I like to play here because every DJ plays my music, everybody says: "you are the best" or something like that, so, I'm very happy, yes.

- A.: About your music, your production. You are a sound engineer, that's right?
- D.V.: Yeah, I worked in the studio for six years or so.

- A.: Did you work with the other guys like Marco, Gaetano...?
- D.V.: Yes. Now I'm finishing Conform 20, Gaetano's label. Me and Gaetano together, it's a double pack. It's a very nice experience because it's the first time for me to work with other guys in a studio.

- A.: Ok. But I thought about before, when you were a sound engineer. Did you work with them then?
- D.V.: No, I was a DJ before and then I started to work in a record studio because I needed to learn the tools of the trade, but I've never worked with the other guys before, or something like that.

- A.: About your production. It's distinct and unique... How could you explain your sound, your groove?
- D.V.: I don't know, it's a Napolitan groove. So we have the same groove between me, Marco and Gaetano and Rino, no.. It's the Napolitan groove.. (laughs)

- A.: Can you explain it? How is it so special? What's the secret?
- D.V.: It's not a secret because... I don't know, if you think about America, there's Detroit, the sound of Detroit, right? And in Naples it's the same thing because in Detroit Jeff Mills and the other DJs from there help each other. I help you, you help me. The same thing is in Naples, so the sound is similar because we help each other and we have the same influences.

- A.: Your new stuff, new projects?
- D.V.: Yeah, I'm starting a new label called the 'Imaginary Boy', so the label, artist, everything is an 'Imaginary Boy'. It will be only 'Imaginary Boy' on the label. Relentless 11 is coming out - it's Misstress Barbara's label -, a new Phont Music, no.29 I think...

- A.: What do you use in your productions? Computers or...
- D.V.: Yes, I use a computer but just for sequencing because I work with analog machines. Everything is analog in my studio, I have a lot of machines and I use a computer to coordinate everything.

- A.: How about the future of music, the future of techno...
- D.V.: The future of techno.. I think it will be more house, yeah, with more of it inside. Because techno is now already very influenced by house, actually. But, I think it will be even more influenced by it...

- A.: Do you find enough time to produce music beside DJing? Is it difficult to travel and find the necessary time?
- D.V.: Actually, no. I play almost every day, from Tuesday till... today is Monday, for example. I don't have enough time to work in a studio, that is a problem, a big problem for me. But, I'll find the time.

- A.: Your tracks are very similar. Every record is similar to another...
- D.V.: You think so?

- A.: Yeah... (laughing)
- D.V.: Yes, but if you think about people like Marco, Gaetano, Rino, also the Advent.. everybody have their own sound. The problem for me is that I release a lot of records in a very short time. For example, in one month I release two, three records. So you can find my sound the same, this is the question. But if you listen to a record from Jeff Mills, it's the same thing.

- A.: Something for the end of this interview.
- D.V.: Oh, I hope that I can come here very soon, another time, I don't know...

- A.: I hope you will have a great time here tonight. Thanx for the interview.
- D.V.: Oh, you're welcome. Thank you.
Lesha, 10/02/2003

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