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Festival de la Bâtie - Geneva (CH) - 29/08/2002 - 14/09/2002 

Every year the festival of "la Bâtie" present the finest in electronic music and a lot of live acts. Nikakoï (Wmf) cancelled, he 's replaced by Thomas Brinkmann who performs a deep live set in his own soulcenter style. The great surprise of this event is T. Raumschmiere, the guy from Shitkatapult is a showman and plays hard : post-rave synth, strong rhythm and crispy sounds makes the crowd really crazy ! Few days later, we're really excited to see Akufen, the Canadian who was acclaimed by the electronic community for his work on Force inc, Perlon and Trapez. Concentrate on his laptop, the king of microhouse shakes the dancefloor with a ton of samples and complicated rhythms... since there no one hear radio the same way. Metro Area was one of the best gig : Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani play a "real" live. Minimal deep house, a touch of italo disco and a jazz inspiration, those musicians feel the essence of house music. The final party was dedicated to Mentalgroove : Luciano and Matew Jonson (Itiswhatitis records) play together with Cassy. An unique experience, Jonson leads soulfull analog techno on Luciano's landscapes.
Chaton, 07/10/2002

Metro Area

Thomas Brinkmann

T. Raumschmiere


Metro Area

Matew Jonson