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France Techno
Bitstream The Streamlining EP Touchin' Bass 16 

It seems like the Conner brothers take time to better surprise us. Author of a voluntarily restricted discography, only half of a dozen EPs on Signal, Pylon, City Center Offices and Modern Love, the Northamptonshire UK duo can be proud to scarify quantity to quality. Very much appreciated for his unique sound work, Bitstream joins today Andrea Parker's label for an exceptional first of a pairs 12''. Besides tow superb ambient tracks, the interest of this release resides in "Anno Domini", a mutant dancefloor killer tune which should never leave your flight-case once you'll hear it. Stunning bass line, complex bleeps, distorted melodies and almost all a devastating break dominated by a synthetic string to give you goose pimples. Combining emotion and energy, this organic tune is sick. Completed by "Step Retracing", a minimal beauty based upon abstract tonalities and vicious scratches, Touchin' Bass sixteenth production is probably the best one!
Nexus 6, 24/10/2005 12'' electro

Electrophonic Funk