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We love dancing, report of an ordinary month... 

It has been a long time that we wrote our last report : one month yet !!! Don't think that we didn't go out because of the cold outside... it's the contrary !!! There were many parties to go to in November... Too much, maybe !! That's why we didn't have time to make a report every weekend.... And sorry for so few pictures : our camera had some technical problems !! But, here is a short report of the last month.
At first, we went to the Macumba club in St Julien (France). Do you know who played in this commercial club ? Dj Splank ! from Zombie Nation (Gigolo/Munich) !!!! Yes, yes, in the biggest room (from 2:30 to 4:30), we're not joking !! Incredible but true !!! And the audience enjoyed it !! Splank ! played a very good trancy, groovy techno (we all love "Sandwiches"), electro sounds ("Automatic" by Antonelli Electr. is still in my head !). And his hit "Kernkraft 400", the original track, had a very big success : the people were crazy... The Macumba was in the place !! So, finally, it was a very good and funny party !!
The day after, we went to Belgium for the well-known "I Love Techno" party. Amazing !! This little town became one night the very European techno capital (there were ravers everywhere : at the station, in the buses, taxis, hotels and restaurants). 5 rooms. 1 unique style : Techno (sorry for the hardcore, trance or house addicts....). A beautiful line-up with stars (Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Sven Vaeth...), powerful artists (Dj Hell, Marco Carola, Technasia, Dj Pierre, Dj Rush...) and many more....(Justin Berkovi, Valium, Freddy,...). It was a really really great party with so good music, organisation and atmosphere. There were more than 35 000 people there.... It deserves to be seen one day in your raver's life !! See you there next year !!
The weekend after this tiring party, we went to the Weetamix in Geneva to see Markus Nicolaï that played live. "Passion", "Superstar"... We listened to his famous hits from his "Back" LP. It was fresh, class and groovy... and so "human" : Markus sings all his tracks with sincerity and generosity. It was so nice to see him. His Perlon colleague, James Dean Brown, wasn't as good as Markus. It sounded more house, and we didn't really like that... So we prefer to listen to the techno set from Sonia and Dtsack, in the little room.
On the 24th, we went to a special event at the Brise Glace in Annecy. There was a video mix with electronic sounds. Paton from Interzone and Miloch from Tekmics label, played together on 4 turntables. There wasn't a lot of people, but it sounded so good !!! It was a really pleasure to hear Kompakt, Gadgets, Perlon, Ural 13, Basic Channel, Interzone ep's in a French party... !
To start December, we went for the first time at the Veaudoux Club in Monthey, for Umek's set and to support the excellent techno dj from Geneva / Bravenewsound : Diego Orell (with the percussionist Master M). It was a good party too. This is a nice place, underground and convivial and with a very nice crew. Regarding the music : it sounded Techno Groovy all night long... Great !
The day after, we came back to the Weetamix to support another friend, not Luke Solomon in the big room (as we told you before : house is not always our cup of tea), but our faithful editor : Chaton (it means kitten in english) !! It was wonderful !! You just have to read his reviews to imagine his set : it's specialised, it's lovely strange, it's groovy, it's a treat !!
So, that's all for the report. We don't know yet where we'll go in December.... But, if we meet Santa Claus or St Nicholas, we won't hesitate to tell it to you...
Keep dancing every weeks !!!
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Ingrid, 11/12/2000

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